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Quizzes on this site are broken up into the categories listed above. In terms of precedence, New overrides all others, Pluriproduct overrides all save New, No Image overrides all save New and Pluriproduct, and Anime/Manga overrides all save New, Pluriproduct, and No Image. e.g. if we have a new Pluriproduct quiz, it will be in New and if we have a quiz with one result with no image, even one about Anime, it will reside in No Image. Personality resides at the bottom. New quizzes will remain on the new page until I have amassed a sufficient new batch (Probably in the neighborhood of 10 or more) even newer quizzes to add, at which point the former New quizzes are distributed to the appropriate categories.
A few things further must noted be. First, HDS has edited the quiz results for, in all cases, correct HTML/XHTML and corrected mistakes when found (This is an continuous process performed as each new quiz is added). Thus HDS' resutls may not look the same as your's if you take the quiz and receive the same result. Second, HDS has edited a number of results for spelling and/or grammar. Third, HDS has resized particularly large images so as to make them fit in his layout withoug distorting the layout or causing side scrolling. Older images have been resized the the old limitations of the v.2 layout, 418px or less, while newer ones are held to the standards of this layout, a slightly higher value. Fourth, I draw your attention to the Pluriproduct page. When HDS takes a quiz, he likes not to leave a question with more than one good answer, in his opinion, alone. Thus, HDS often takes a quiz several times with the different answers he liked. This results, quite often, in multiple results given. In these cases, I posted all the results. Most of this type have two results, although a few have three. Should any of these changes offend a creator of one of the quizzes featurd herein, please do not hesitate to contact HDS via . I will be happy to remove the offending quiz. One final note: In those sections that require more than one page to display all quizzes, I placed navigation tools at the top and bottom of the content. Each consists of a page number and two pseudo guillemets. The guillemets direct one either one page forward or one backward. The last page in each section will link to what would be the next page in that section. However, that page may not yet exist. The link is there so that HDS will be sure not to forget to add it later. Thus, if one comes across a page with an ending guillemet leading nowhere, fret not.
When counting the number of quizzes in a category, New Quizzes do not count towards any category other than New and Total. Pluripotent, in case one finds oneself curious, means "multiple product," as pluri means "more, many." E pluribus unum, eh?
As a final note, I offer a link to the collective guestbook for anyone who feels inclined to sign it after visiting.