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Welcome, cherished reader, to ¡Hay Pruebas!, the home of HDS' myriad of quizzes. The name itself is the Spanish for "there are quizzes" and isn't that the truth. For more about this site, please see the little About page. Don't forget to sign the Guestbook before you leave if you care to.
This layout comes from a scan I made of the 2005 Negima Calendar. The font used for the title and menu is Xoxoxa. The font used for the disclaimer below is Silkscreen, save for the special characters, which were done in Times New Roman. At the moment there are:
536 Total Quizzes
30 New Quizzes
169 Anime/Manga Quizzes
245 Personality Quizzes
48 Pluriproduct Quizzes
44 No Image Quizzes

October 16, 2006 | All quizzes have been added. Old quizzes on the old new page have been absorbed by the other sections. The old total quizzes value, 507, was actually off by one, as I discovered. The true number was 506. I've also added thirty new quizzes that have been sitting in my quiz queue for, in some cases, nearly a year and a half, bringing the total number of quizzes on this site up to a new peak of 536. More to come in the future, eh?

October 6, 2006 | The layout complete, HDS hereby opens this site, although truly open it is not, as most quizzes have yet to arrive here.