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Those quizzes which pertain to Personality, essentially any quiz not in another category, dwell herein. The Personality quizzes are separated into two sections. One, Specific Personality, holds those quizzes which denote myself as being like a specific person or entity. Entities include books, movies, video games, and the like. Specific features of people/characters are also included. For example, one quiz therein placed me as Ghandi and another as the Twins of Matrix fame. Both are specific people/characters. Another example is the quiz that placed me as Tom Selleck's moustache. This is a specific feature on one person and thus counts. The General Personality section contains those quizzes which are more broad. One, for instance, speaks of where I will go when I die. Another talks of what emotion dominates me. Both are general results, not speaking of a specific person of entity. There will be thirty quizzes per page going from oldest at front to newest at back. Any "random" quizzes such as the one resulting in "The Lampshade of Doom" will also appear here, regardless of if they appear to be specific or not.

There are 145 General Personality Quizzes
There are 100 Specific Personality Quizzes