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my style of love is:
Love? Love? I'd rather obsess about someone for a long time and then drop a piano on his head.
what's your style of love? | mewing.net. where love goes to die.

Perfection, absolute perfection.

My pickup line is:
Pardon me, have we met?
what's your pickup line? | mewing.net. hey, baby.

As pickup-lines go, it is pretty non-interested, which fits, I suppose, considering I am NEVER interested.

His Divine Shadow's bits are best described as his "trouser cyclops".
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Privates Eye

Well now...


Which Kim Possible character are you?
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I don't watch KP, so I don't know much about this one.

You are a lupe. You are brave and loyal. Even
though you are a wolf you still treat your few
friends with kindness. Although... you have a
very quick temper and a vicious attitude, when
it comes to defending your friends.

Which Neopet are you?
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I know nothing of Neopets so meh. -_-

You are the gray wolf with the cross shaped scar on
his chest. Tsume is your name and you act
really tough. He is not one of my favorites but
he is okay.

Which Wolf's Rain Character Are You?
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Of all the wolves, he is my favorite. Lord Darcia is my favorite overall character.

Kurama is a nice fellow. Even though he is really
Yoko Kurama on the inside, he is sweet and
caring. Kurama is also the type to be kind but
still stern whenever his friends are in

Which YYH character are you?
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Kurama/Yoko is my favorite YYH character. I've also recieved him as a result on more than one occasion.

Ohhh my! The night wolf is very rare. They are
close to the family of the ice wolf. These
wolves are more protective of themselves and
usually never ever have contact with humans.
Now this type of wolf has mystic powers at
night for that is their element. A night wolf
can also live up to 500 years old. Cool isn't
it? You might want to be careful though, because
they can lose their temper easily. Over all the
night wolf is a majestic and swift creature.
(You're so lucky)

What Elemental Wolf Are You? (great results/read memo)
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Hmmm....this one was supposed to have an image, but apparently the creator never got around to it. On top of all that, the quiz no longer exists.

You are the Death Fairy. Settle down...it is ok. Don't
be mad. You are very strong and to make you even
stronger you have two allies; the Blood
fairies (duh) and the Fire fairies (duh
again). Everyone else is your enemy...hey you
might win, you are powerful (very
powerful (please rate my quiz).

What fairy are you? [I wonder myself] (BOYS AND GIRLS)
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This is another that deserves the "Eh, I'll go with it," review.


~~which god or goddess are U?~~
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All caps hurts the brain of HDS. X.x And it doesn't really give much of a result, but eh.

Yakuza: You belong in the Yakuza! You love fancy clothes
and (of course) have the fanciest set of wheels
you could get your hands on. You don't kill for
fun, you just do it for the money or whatever
'prize' comes with the job. You aren't
stupid. You know what to do to get what or
where you want.

Which murderous gang do you belong in?
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Yakuza...the best (Or worst, depending on how you look at it) example of organized crime left out there.

You would create mass armies of robots that are only commanded by
you, overwhelming the world with mass
numbers of never before seen technology!

How will you take over the world?
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Send out the droids!

You were voted most likely to commit suicide

What will you be voted in high school?
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I cannot argue. XD

You are in the Vampire class. This group includes
regular Vamps as well as Vamp Lords. You are a
loner and a recluse. You feel you need no one,
and avoid all contact to prove it. You define
the word "mysterious" whether your
history is long and tragic, or short and
violent. The past may yet catch up to you, and
might also be the reason for your introverted
state. You are strong, but beware the
cross-wielding pastor.
See if you can "live" up to your class
name at

What class of Gothador creature are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

I am a loner, and while I am not a recluse, I suspect I will be someday. I do feel that I need no one, and avoid as much contact as possible.

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