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Death by exploding as a human bomb

Choose your Dramatic Death (Now w/pics!!)
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Not so correct in this day and age, eh?

GAME BOY - Born to Play
A GAME-BOY. You're like a tomboy without the love of
sports. Reality sucks, but as long as you have
your electronics you feel you can cope. Time
goes unnoticed when you're locked in your room
hooked up to your Nintendo, rocking to your
favorite collection of guitar-driven albums. Your virtues: Intelligence, sense-of-humor,
individuality. Your flaws: Inability to cope with real life,
action-freak spirit, reclusive nature.

Your Personality type is the only type that would
like this cool Vampire Game:


What kind of girl are you?
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COMPLETELY meant for girls, but it still fits me. ^^x

FROZEN QUEEN/ KING You don't want love to come through to you. You like
it the way you are. To be unreachable, no need
to show feelings. Hiding everything inside you.
You are already used to it. You say to yourself
that you don't need anyone, that you stand on
your own two feet or that you don't have time
for these things. But in reality you are scared
to get hurt. You feel safe where you are: by
yourself, nobody can hurt you there. You
invent your own relationship in your dreams.
You just need to know that you COULD get a
partner. That's it. PLEASE VOTE, I want to know what you think about my
quiz, I worked hard on it. You can always
message me or tell me how I can improve that
quiz. I'll sure write back.

~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
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Heh, MY perfect version of love.

You're a Guardian Angel! Guardian Angels are also
known as Warrior Angels, because they are the
army of God. Not always meaning that they are
in war, simply that their job is to protect
unwary humans from dark dragons, or other evil
demons. Warrior Angels are not always friendly
with humans, but they will watch over them all
the time. Humans say that when a miracle
happens, thank your guardian angel.

What Kind of ANGEL are you? (For Girls only) This Quiz has amazingly Beautiful Pictures!
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First off, I KNOW it says "Girls only," but I just love quizzes. ^^ A holy warrior sounds fun.

You belong to the world of the self-destructive.
You belong in another of my worlds. The world of
self-destructive tendencies, either through
actual physical destructiveness or emotional
breakdowns that you keep bottled up inside,
thus hurting yourself. You feel that life is
nothing but pain, and you see red in everything
with the memories of the blood you have
bled (literally or figuratively) for your
hurting. You live in a hidden land that few
will ever understand or see in you, because you
keep it to yourself and only let a few rare
people into the truth of your reality. Er...I
don't condone my own actions, so I really don't
know what else to say. Of course, you could
also just REALLY like blood....or you might be
homicidal, not suicidal. ^_^;

Where do you belong? (ANIME IMAGES)
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I suppose this is a valid description, although I never physically harm myself. Not anymore anyway.

Black Dragon
You are a black dragon! Master of the shadows and
nightmares. People claim you to be evil but
you're just misunderstood. You just want to be

Which Dragon resides in your soul? (cool pictures!)
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Oh yeah, oh YEAH!!! XP

Ghost or spirit: You are a lost soul. Very calm and
sweet, you are often the one who asks: What if?
With a clever mind, you want to explore the
world on a different level. Without the
answers, you aren't ready to move on. You are
most likely very creative and find yourself
thinking things through on a different level.
(please rate my quiz)

**Where will you go when you die?**(now with pics)
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I'll just let this one speak for itself.

You are a moon shadow. With the moon as your source
you are a being of great mystery. Constantly
drifting, you descend into darkness to conceal
your brokenness. You have come to believe that
you are the only one you can rely upon for
constancy and safety that you need. But those
who know how to see you find enchanting beauty
in your wistfulness and fragility. It is to
them that you should flee, for their arms are
an open haven where your true light can finally
thrive. (please rate my quiz 'cuz it took me for
freaking ever to create)

What Kind of Shadow Are You? (with gorgeous pics)
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Weeeeeeell....while I am truly a DIVINE shadow, this sorta works.

Extremely Random

How random are you?
this quiz was made byalanna


Apathy, well I can say your lucky, in some ways.
You see Apathy is no emotion, basically you
don't care. But that does not make you a bad
person. Some of my friends are apathetic and I
love them, but it wouldn't hurt to care a
little more. Trust me life hurts, most people
who are apathetic do it cause they were hurt.
But don't worry, life is pain, its also
pleasure. Good luck. (please vote)

What Emotion Dominates you?
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Yep, apathy. I am often consumed by it, if apathy can actually consume anything.

Action Figure
theOtaku.com: What is Your Japanese Novelty Item?

Heh heh, I loooves wicked little toys, action figures among them.

You are Fire. Fire people are very proud of
themselves and aren't afraid to stand in the
spotlight. You always let people know what you
think, and your opinion often affects theirs.
When you want something you usually get it, but
if you don't you can cope. Fire people get
along with a limited amount of people, and if
you don't get along with someone you are
arch-enemies. While you have a lot of these you
also have a big group of friends, and people
often look to you for entertainment. While you
aren't a leader, everyone knows and trusts you.

Which Element Are You?
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Fire is fun to watch, and it would be great to be. Powerful, nearly unstoppable, and nearly all-consuming.

Goody-Two Sboes
Take the What High School Stereotype Are You? quiz.

lol, I guess I am a bit of a goody-two shoes. ^.^

Good Friend
Take the What Type of Friend are You? quiz, and visit mutedfaith.com.

I may be a good friend, but I am a WEIRD good friend. ^^x

Result Otaku
~Otaku~ You are a fun loving, tomboyish girl! You
love anime and video-games, and can hang out as
yourself around your friends. You are unique and
individual and don't care much about what
others think of you. You take great pleasure in
kicking everyone's ass in your favorite video
game! Shame on you...n.n;

What Type Of Girl Are You?
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The whole shebang is eerily acurate. XD

You are in a Happy Mood

What mood are you currently in? (Anime Images)
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I am perpetually in a happy mood, as those who know me will attest. ^-^

Which Villain Character Are You?

All I can say is.......giggity, giggity, giggity! XP

Cold, Dead Fish
Take the What animal best portrays your sexual appetite?? Quiz

Heh, I love this result. It is so perfect. (>" )> <( "<) (>"<) <( " )>


MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh so maniacally evil I am!!!!

Info Black
Your Heart is Black

What Color is Your Heart?
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My evil side has been active today. ^.^

Your soul is bound to the Black Rose: The
Wicked."I am the wicked specimen of sin with no
profound logic to believe in. Hold me tight,
but don't hold me close, I go where I
The Black Rose is associated with manipulation,
control, and virtuosity. It is governed by the
goddess Psyche and its sign is The Tapestry, or
Crafted Love. As a Black Rose, you may have a slight wicked
streak running through you. But whether you
are naughty or nice is up for debate. You know
how to get what you want and can work people
for what they're worth. You have great people
skills, but can sometimes be a bit of a control

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
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What more is there to say? ^_^

No one would really know your name. You would be
called by what you do. For example, if you burn
your victims to death all the time, you would
be known as The Arsonist, or if you knife them,
you would be known as The Slasher. You would be
the mysterious killer who strikes at sporadic
times, and would be very difficult to catch.
You might dress up and mask yourself when you
perform your horrible killings. Your identity
would really be a mystery. Obviously you would
be wanted all over the place, and authorities
would desperately try to capture you. Even if
you were caught, you would not say much. The
public would greatly fear you because you could
just strike unexpectedly.

What Would Your Serial Killer Name Be? What Would the Public Know You As?
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Mysterious and feared, always unexpected, I like this one.

Ultimate Goddess
Ultimate Goddess. You rule over all and everything.
In most cases you are peaceful but have a
temper which you use only for defending people

What beautiful goddess are you?(with anime pics!)
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A ruler-wannabe I am, although not a girl. ^-^ However, I would be more of the reclusive, rarely seen type of ruler. More the powerful entity everyone knows about, but who never makes an appearance out of apathy and misanthropy.

eating people

what's YOUR deepest secret?
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Your element is Spirit. You are above most Earthly
things or like to think you are. More
mysterious than any of the other elements and
twice as dangerous. You tend to be a loner and
whatever you belive in it verges on fanatical.
Be careful because Spirit has no true substance
and can get lost.

What's your element
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Mysterious and twice as dangerous, oh yeah.

You are Black
What color are you? (Anime Pictures)

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So true. So terribly true. ^-^

You're the smirk, a frown-smile hybrid that's a
little bit cocky and usually associated with
evil or arrogant, but attractive people.You
probably just don't give a damn, but it's
everyone else's fault if you don't because
you're too awesome to have any real faults.

What Kind of Smile are You?
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Evil and arrogant, don't give a damn, too awesome to have any real faults, you better believe it. ^.^

Find your Role-Playing Stereotype at mutedfaith.com.

...........Truely me.

What Type of Villain are You?

I always knew I was super villain material. ^_^

Your inner soul is calling for help! You always
seem so depressed, lonely, and feel like an
outsider. You may have a cold, sad exterior,
but in all reality you are hurt inside and
bottling up all of your anger. Everyday you
wonder why are you still here when there is
nothing left? You use to once be a happy,
loving soul, but it was damaged by 'them' and
seems like it never can be fixed again.
However, you have yet seemed to realize that
there are people out there that deeply care for
you. They secretly have a thing for you because
they find you to be dark, mysterious, and full
of secrets, not to mention being the prettiest
person in the world! You like to enjoy your
time by yourself expressing your feelings
through forms of art, and enjoy nice quiet
sceneries that just dazzle your mind with awe.
Your bedroom is basically your sanctuary where
you can hide out, hidden from those who gave
you all of the pain. Try to loosen up and have
some fun! Never start frowning because you
never know who's falling in love with your
smile :)

What Is Your Inner Soul Trying To Say?
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Bah, my soul needs to be locked deeper in the catacombs.

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