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You are Schroeder!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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Heh, this is even more perfect if your remember that he is always harassed by Lucy, which fits fits me even more. The loner, trying to stay out of the way, yet harassed by females all the same. You just can't outrun them.

Which Sandman Character Are You?

An interesting quiz, with an interesting result. But, if I was some sort of omniscient entity, but not god-like completely, I'd be the all-knowing one.

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
What Classic Movie Are You?

Ah, Mr. Smith. A classic movie, and one I am proud to have been labled as.

Mahatma Ghandi
What Famous Leader Are You?

Gandhi. A worthy result, one of history's greatest personas.

You are The Twins-
You are The Twins, from "The Matrix."
Bad, but with a sexy streak- surprisingly
refreshing. You know what you want, when you
want it.

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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Uber-cool, I'm a ghost. X3


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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What more can I say?

If I had lived 200 years ago, I would have been...
an Inuit! Living off the land in the Arctic Circle, these nature-loving folk are practical and use every scrap of the animals they hunt. Though they are more commonly called the Eskimo, they prefer Inuit, which means "The Real People".Like them, you are respectful of nature and very resourceful. Your art has its own very distinct style which can be recognized at a flash. ~ TAZL.com ~ Take Quiz~

Cool This is me, albeit a few centuries back.

The Balrog
You are one of Middle-Earth's oldest and biggest badasses.
When anyone tries to start an argument as to whether
you have wings, they better watch out for your firey temper.
Advice: Don't piss off old guys with sticks.

I would sooo be the Balrog if I was A LOTR character, as he, or rather they in times long past, is/are my favorite characters.

AmarantYou are Amarant
You aren't much of a talker and you sometimes come across as a rude person, but really, you are just misunderstood.
Take this quiz!

I do tend to talk little, and sometimes I am thought of as rude, but people do tend to misunderstand me.

I am
Damn I'm so charming. I may look like a freakin' gay, but I sure know how to beat the hell outta anyone.

take Which Tekken Character Are You test!

Well, I don't like the use of the word gay as a derogative, but I do know how to beat up people if I have to. >_<

Exar Kun

You're Exar Kun. You break stuff. And you're really mean. You're the type of person who starts mosh pits ... at church.
Which Sith Lord are you? go to: the quiz!

I don't know about mosh pits, but I do like the idea of having a double-bladed lightsaber.

You're Amun. Amun was known as the hiding god, sometimes to the point of being considered invisible. While you might have your talents, you prefer to keep them to yourself. You created yourself, and you remain largely independent.
What Egyptian Deity are you? go to:the quiz!

I do tend to be independent and I can disappear easily.


Which Jedi Knight are you? go to: the quiz!
You are the deceptively spritely Master Yoda. Your past is mysterious and you like bran. Though you walk with a cane, everybody fears your ability to deftly manipulate your lightsaber. Everybody thinks you're alright, but secretly people want to throttle you for your poor English. If you can manipulate other peoples' minds, why can't you teach yourself to speak?

Wise Jedi master, I am.

You're Alice!
You're Alice.

Which Alice in Wonderland Character are you?
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This description is 100% me, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Pacman Ghost.
I am a Pacman Ghost.
I like to hang around with friends, chatting, dancing, all that sort of thing. We don't appreciate outsiders, and do our best to discourage others approaching us. I enjoy occasionally wandering around randomly, and often find that when I do so, I get to where I wanted to be.
What Video Game Character Are You?

I do enjoy wandering about randomly. ^_^


a master of the mystical katana

noble; honorable; deadly
[Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class]

Well, I do own several Katanas. Chop chop!!! XDXD

Take the M&M's Test @ /~erin

I am big-headed, and everything I start always gets done.

You are an enzyme. You are powerful, dark,
variable, and can change many things at your
whim...even when they're not supposed to be
changed. Bad you. You can be dangerous or
wonderful; it's your choice.

Which Biological Molecule Are You?
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I do often switch between dangerous and helpful, with interesting consequences.

LOVE is your Chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You? -- Updated (7/21/03)
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Inside, I am this. I refuse to show it often, however. ^_^

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster.

Harry Potter Quiz: Which Hogwarts Professor Are You?
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Eccentric, lovable, and infuriating. Hee!

i'm in ravenclaw!
be sorted @ nimbo.net

The book read, I have not, so no comment can I make.

You're the Baphometh!
from ragnarok online official site:
LV : 66
Type : Demon
Attribute : Shadow
Legendary notorious demon that lives in the deep
jungle. He treats human beings as insects. The
scythe he carries with him is powerful enough
to slay a large number of enemies at a
time. However, the power of scythe is far too strong,
forcing him to use his hand to combat enemies.

Which Ragnarok Online monster are you?
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Just look at that attribute...

You're Picollo! You're a good supporter and you have your own ways!

Which Suikoden 3 Magician are you?
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I wish I knew just what this Magician was (Even a tidbit would be nice. Time for Google...when I become less lazy.).

Gregor Samsa
Which character from Kafka's The Metamorphosis are you?
Quiz by: Purple Butterfly

Well now...

Dias Flac

What Star Ocean 2 character are you?
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Nice, eh?

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
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Curiosity, eh?

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What FF7: Advent Children Character Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

And I would have pegged myself for a Sephy.

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What DDR Song Are You?
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And to think I have yet to touch a DDR pad.

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Xenosaga Character Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Again, more Xenosaga I know nothing about.

I'm Destiny!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

Twice this is that I've recieved Destiny.

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